Schedules for CIFCL-23, 2023, Beijing

(All lectures will be conducted online via Zoom/Tencent Metting)

Schedule for Christian Lehmann(CIFCL-23)

Speaker: Christian Lehmann (Professor Emeritus of General and Comparative  Linguistics, University of Erfurt)

Theme: Ten Lectures on Grammaticalization

Beijing Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m., 10-21 April, 2023

Mon, 10 Apr

1. Introduction: Some Paradigm Cases of Grammaticalization

Tue, 11 Apr

2. Basic Concepts of Grammaticalization Theory

Structure of the Language System. The Penthouse Principle. Synchrony – Diachrony – History.

Wed, 12 Apr

3. Types of Variation in Grammar

Conversion, Analogy, Reanalysis, Grammaticalization

Thu, 13 Apr

4. Criteria and Parameters of Grammaticalization

Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Autonomy

Fri, 14 Apr

5. Delimiting Grammaticalization

Reduction and Enrichment, Desemanticization and Metaphor, Decategorization, Persistence, Renewal and Reinforcement

15 Apr (Saturday) and 16 Apr (Sunday): Theme Session and Participants Presentation (to be confirmed)

Mon, 17 Apr

6. Semantic and Pragmatic Aspects of Grammaticalization

Univerbation, Chunking, Lexicalization. Lexical vs. Grammatical Concepts? Pragmaticalization?

Tue, 18 Apr

7. Grammaticalization in Diverse Functional Domains

Pronouns, Determiners, Articles. Case Relators. Numeral Classifiers. Periphrastic Aspect. Word-order Change. Information Structure: left-dislocation → topic marking, clefting → focus marking. Discourse Markers?

Wed, 19 Apr

8. Directionality of Grammaticalization

Oriented vs. Non-oriented Variation, Unidirectionality, Degrammaticalization

Thu, 20 Apr

9. Grammaticalization and Linguistic Typology

Grammaticalization Scenarios. Roots, Stems, Word Classes.

Fri, 21 Apr

10. Cognitive Basis of Grammaticalization

Consciousness, Teleonomic Hierarchy. Action, Process and Automatization.

Theme Session: The First Linguistic Theory Debating Forum (In Chinese)

Sat, 08 Apr

09:00-11:00 (GMT+8),吴福祥:Lehmann的语法化参数:诠释与评析

15:00-17:00 (GMT+8), 施春宏:互动构式语法的学理基础及方法论原则

Sat, 15 Apr

09:00-11:00(GMT+8), 陆俭明:谈谈汉语词类问题——顺便说说“名动分立”和“名动包含”之说

Sun, 16 Apr

09:00-11:00 (GMT+8), 吴义诚:大胆假设 小心求证---论“名包动说”及其孪生说

Sat, 22 Apr 09:00-11:00 (GMT+8), 潘文国:从名动之争说到字本位
15:00-17:00(GMT+8), 孙崇飞:超越三段论——从逻辑的视角看名动包含说
Sun, 23 Apr 09:00-11:00 (GMT+8), 沈家煊:为什么说汉语的动词也是名词?——分歧在哪里?

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