Forum Year; Forum Speakers; and Series Title

2023: CIFCL-23; Jan. 30th- Feb. 10th; Apr. 10th-21st

33. Christian Lehmann: Ten Lectures on Grammaticalization

32. Mark Johnson: Ten Lectures on the Bodily Sources of Meaning, Thought, and Language

2022: CIFCL-22; Nov. 28th-Dec. 9th

31. Christopher Hart: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis

2021: CIFCL-21; Oct. 25th-Nov. 5th, Oct. 11st-22nd

30. Rob Rupert: Ten Lectures on Cognition, Mental Representation, and the Self

29. Michael Barlow: Ten Lectures on Corpora and Cognitive Linguistics

2021: CIFCL-20; May. 10th-21st, Sept. 6th-17th

28. Dagmar Divjak, Petar Milin: Ten Lectures on Intersecting Cognition and Language

27. Elizabeth C. Traugott: Ten Lectures on a Diachronic Constructionalist Approach to Discourse Structuring Markers

2019: CIFCL-19; Nov. 4th-8th

26. Francisco José Ruiz de MendozaIbáñez: Ten Lectures on Foundations of Cognitive Modeling

25. Martin Hilpert: Ten Lectures on Diachronic Construction Grammar

2018: CIFCL-18; Oct. 8th-12th

24. Arie Verhagen: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Linguistics 2.0: Language as the Spider in the Web of Culture, Nature, and Cognition

23. Stefan Th. Gries: Ten Lectures on Corpus Linguistics with R for Usage-based and Psycholinguistic Research

2017:CIFCL-17; Dec. 25th-29th

22. Jeffrey M. Zacks: Ten Lectures on Events, Language, and Cognition

2017: CIFCL-16; Nov. 28th-Dec. 2nd

21. Cliff Goddard: NSM Semantics: Exploring Language, Thought and Culture Using Simple, Translatable Words

2016: CIFCL-15; May 23rd-27th

20. Nikolas Gisborne: Ten Lectures on Event Structure in a NetworkTheory ofLanguage

2014: CIFCL-14; Oct 13th-17th

19. Phillip Wolff: Ten Lectures on Experimental Cognitive Semantics and the language-thought interface

2013: CIFCL-13; Nov. 1st-5th

18. Ronald Langacker: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Grammar: Dimensions of Elaboration

2013: CIFCL-12; May 27-31

17. Stefan Gries: Ten Lectures on Quantitative approaches in Cognitive Linguistics: corpus-linguistic, experimental, and statistical applications

16. Alan Cienki: Ten Lectures on Researching spoken language as dynamic and multimodal:Implications for cognitive linguistics

2012: CIFCL-11

15. Sherman Wilcox: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Linguistics and the Unification of Spoken and Signed Languages

2012: CIFCL-10

14. Jürgen Bohnemeyer: Ten Lectures on Field Methods in Cognitive Linguistics

2011: CIFCL-9

13. Laura Janda: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Linguistics as an Empirical Science

12. Ewa Dabrowska: Ten Lectures on Grammar in the Mind

2010: CIFCL-8

11. William Croft: Ten Lectures on Construction Grammar and Typology

10. Melissa Bowerman: Ten Lectures on Language, Cognition, and Language Acquisition

9. ZoltÁN Kövecses: Ten Lectures on Figurative Meaning-Making: The Role of Body and Context

2009: CIFCL-7

8. Dirk Geerarts: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Social Linguistics

7. Mark Turner: Ten Lectures on Mind and Language

2008: CIFCL-6

6. Sinha, Chris. 2010. Languages, Culture and Mind: Ten Lectures on Development, Evolution and Cognitive Linguistics by Chris Sinha (with DVD). Beijing: Foreign Language and Teaching Research Press.

2008: CIFCL-5

5. Gilles Fauconnier: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Construction of Meaning

2007: CIFCL-4

4. Leonard Talmy: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Semantics

2006: CIFCL-3

3. Ronald Langacker: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Grammar

2005: CIFCL-2

2. John Taylor: Ten Lectures on Applied Cognitive Linguistics

2004: CIFCL-1

1. George Lakoff: Ten Lectures on Cognitive Linguistics

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